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27 November
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This is me.
Im Marte.
I'm a 19 year old girl who lives on a farm in a narrow land called Norway.
I'm a makeupartist and camwhore. That's a warning.

My big dreams is to be filhty rich and make pretty people even prettier.

Don't touch this, it's mine: prudukt

Add me if you like, but please tell me and I'll probably add you back.

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From mushiboble :3

From dinosaurkjeks ^____^

By dementeddoll69

Legend is legendary love.

by this_is_fucked

The Neverending Story is neverending love.

by this_is_fucked

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is sweet transvestite love.

by this_is_fucked


80s, a clockwork orange, adult art, alcohol, alice in videoland, androgynity, anime, annoy baby, arvikafestival, b/w, babyblue stuff, barbie, being retarded, bishounen, blue, blue hair, buckles, bunny ears, carebear, cat ears, catbois, chobits, cigarettes, clothing, danger mouse, david bowie, david usher, depeche mood, diy, dolls, drawing, dress-up, dye hair, eels, erotic art, evangelion, finland, flcl, fluffy things, fruits, gay porn, gayness, george orwell, girly boys, glam, glitter, gossip, gudmund vindland, hair, hair extensions, hello kitty, iggy pop, j-pop, japan, japansese street fashion, jens bjørnboe, kittens, kitty, lars saabye christensen, lolita, lou reed, make-up, manga, marc bolan, marvel cartoons, megaplatforms, melody club, meow, milk, modest mouse, movies, muffin, muse, music, mutant ninja turtles, my little pony, my melody, natural born killers, neon, nin, ninja, ninjas, nintendo, no eyebrows, norway, nude people, nyaw, panda, pink, pink hair, pink stuff, pizza, placebo, plastic spoons, platform boots, popples, queen, radiohead, rocky horror show, seigmen, sewing, sex, shiny boots, shiny stuff, shounen-ai, sigur ros, smudged make-up, spoons, stars, syd barret, syd matters, synthetic dreads, synthetic hair, synthetic stuff, syp, t. rex, taking photos, the last unicorn, the neverending story, the psychedelic furs, the smiths, the velvet underground, too much make-up, toons, trains, transvestite, tv, unicorns, uv reactive, velvet goldmine, visual kei, watch others, wig, wizard of oz, yaoi, yuri

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